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Ideal transition from the military to running your own business.

At Solatube, we know that no one follows a plan like service members, so we put an incredible set by step program to opening your own business. With comprehensive guides and an intelligent system for running the business, industry-leading products, a proven brand and complete support, a Solatube Premier Dealership provides an ideal transition from the military to running your own business.

Exclusively for military personnel — active duty, reserve, retired or honorably discharged veterans
with a DD214 — we provide a unique opportunity to open a Solatube business with us.

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What makes veterans and Solatube a perfect fit?

Split photograph of a veteran with a military uniform and a Solatube Home uniform on.
  • We appreciate that entrepreneurial veterans are some of the best qualified, motivated and successful prospective business available.
  • Veterans emerge from service with strong leadership skills and a thorough understanding of teams, which are key attributes we look for in our owners.
  • Military experience includes leading and motivating people, improving processes, and accomplishing a defined mission… all of which are critical for running a successful business.
  • Like the military, successful Solatube Premier Dealership and employees accomplish the mission with a team.
  • Our business operates on proven systems and defined procedures, and military-trained are already experienced in that approach.
  • Like the military, we provide extensive training and teach very specific skills, helping veterans enter a completely new field with maximum likelihood of success.
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