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Unique and Unprecedented Franchise Opportunity in Phoenix, Arizona

Mar 20, 2020

Giving back to the local Phoenix area is something Solatube Home is known for. Now, this well-known, reputable, and professional company is offering new Home Service Franchise opportunities for those in the local area. Becoming a franchise owner in this market allows individuals to discover a viable and promising marketplace with minimal competition and a fantastic opportunity for growth. Investing in a franchise that focuses on natural light and fresh air is a great way to provide high-demand services and to enjoy the freedom and flexibility offered by business ownership.

A Huge Untapped Opportunity

The Home Improvement Franchise Opportunity is one that can potentially offer a high ROI. Investing in this franchise allows a person or group to become part of the $394 billion home improvement industry, which is expected to grow to more than $680 billion by 2025. This business model is growing in cities across the country and now available in Phoenix, Arizona.

Building a Business That Helps Inspire Pride 

Selecting a franchise to invest in is about much more than just making money. With the Solatube Home franchise, individuals are investing in a Lighting Business Franchise that’s dedicated to making Phoenix residents and business owners live better by providing access to nurturing fresh air and sunlight while helping to provide a positive impact on the planet.

When someone decides to invest in the Solatube franchise, he or she will become a representative of high-performance, premium products that have helped to improve the quality of life for many years. This is something the new business owner can feel good about at the end of the day.

Why choose the Solatube Home product franchise? There are several reasons. The company’s products help to enhance and improve the stuffy and dark areas in anyone’s home in an effective manner. They provide fresh air and natural light that enhances both physical and mental health. They also help to brighten the entire community while improving the homes and lives of everyone in the community.

Investing in this franchise opportunity also provides the new owners with quality training to ensure that five-star customer service is provided across the board to every customer served. As a company that has committed to being environmentally conscious at every turn, there are solutions and products available for superior levels of energy efficiency that also helps to minimize total carbon footprints of homes throughout the Phoenix area.

Understanding the Technology and Products Behind the Brand

The patented technologies used by Solatube Home allow franchise owners to capture, transfer, and deliver superior levels of air and natural light into individual homes in areas where it was unable to reach in the past. The company has created and filled the need for a niche market where the right customer-focused and business-minded individuals can have the tools and knowledge to thrive as reputable skylight installation service providers and franchise owners.

Products: There are several proprietary products and industry-leading add-ons offered by the company that encourages customers to create the living areas they have been dreaming of. Some of these products include garage and attic fans, whole-house fans, skylight replacement, and tubular skylights. Once an individual invests in this franchise, they have access to the five amazing products and five-star service that Solatube Home is best known for.

Efficiencies: The company offers a streamlined business model that is focused on providing five main products, along with sales and installation efficiencies. It is tried, tested, and fine-tuned to ensure seamless operations.

Credibility: With more than three decades of history along with an established track record, anyone investing in this franchise has a solid foundation they can build their own business on. It is possible to reap all the rewards offered from this brand that has a reputation for quality, customer service, reliability, responsiveness, and value.

Tools and Training: With thorough education programs (in the beginning and on an ongoing basis) and training, it is possible for new franchise owners to access the skill sets of Solatube Home’s support teams and to tap into the experience at each stage in a business’ growth. Additionally, access to topline technology platforms along with cost-effective and well-developed marketing strategies, ensure new franchise owners are fully covered for any situation or need they may face.

Transform Homes as Part of an Elite Team

Before the Solatube Home business was created, individuals had very few options for bringing fresh air and natural light into their homes. Today, the products offered to make it possible to deliver breathability and daylight to every household in the Phoenix community.

When a person opts to invest in the Solatube Home skylight and ventilation franchise, it makes them a part of an elite group of business owners who are working to grow a new and dynamic category in the home improvement market sector. By using innovative ventilation and lighting systems, including the tubular daylighting solution offered by this company, it is possible to transform any home into a beautiful, bright, and refreshing area.

What the Solatube Home Business has to Offer Phoenix Residents 

For more than 30 years, the Solatube Home’s franchise opportunity has been available to let individuals across the country transform their customer’s homes thanks to the use of world-class service and innovative products. Through the years, the company has been able to carve out its unique niche in the home service industry, which is one of the most significant factors that has helped to set this business apart from others in the local area.

By joining the team as a franchise owner, individuals can make their dreams of being a business owner come to life. The franchise program provides interested individuals with a combination of best-in-class service and exclusive and innovative product offerings along with manufacturing and leadership expertise. The dedicated team has experience in not only launching but supporting local sales and installation businesses. This means that individuals interested in being a franchise owner can take advantage of the business that has been established and built from the ground up with a focus on growth.

The Benefits of Natural Light and Fresh Air 

The Solatube Home franchise is made up of professionals who are experts on two main things: natural lighting and fresh air. The company believes that clean, fresh air and natural light can help to breathe new life into any home. Past customers are thrilled with the results achieved and proud to share the amazing benefits offered by working with the company. New franchise owners can use these recent testimonials to help build their brand and company in the Phoenix area.

The franchise opportunity offered by Solatube Home is both desirable and rewarding. The franchise opportunity allows new business owners to build their future in a manner that is uniquely focused and scalable. Unlike other franchise opportunities, hard work has been done, and anyone interested in making this investment and building their own business in the Phoenix area.

With the creation of a new Phoenix-based franchise, owners will find their customers rave about the transformation the team creates. Just imagine owning a reliable and popular streamlined installation and service business that is backed by a business model that has been market-tested, where top-quality branded and exclusive products are provided to the valued customers in just hours. Solatube Home can show new franchise owners how to offer their clients the unique ventilation and lighting products that are sure to entice and encourage a sale. Not only are these products easy to sell, but they also provide all the promises and warranties that come with the Solatube Home brand has made. Unlike other franchises, there are no long periods to wait to begin earning revenue, no mess due to demolition, and no projects that last for months at a time.

The ultimate goal of Solatube Home products is to make people feel good inside their homes. The company can do it all by providing innovative products that bring in cool, fresh air along with natural light. Also, each product is equipped with unparalleled five-star service. The franchise offers those in the Phoenix area that invests in this franchise to have a way to take control of their future, all while building a rewarding and satisfying business.

Learn More and Invest Today

When it comes to building a business, there’s no question that choosing an established business model is one of the smartest things that a person can do. With the Solatube Home franchise, it is possible to utilize the years of experience and practice that has gone into creating a world-renowned business from the ground up – and having access to a wealth of experience from the start. Being informed and knowing what this business franchise has to offer is the best way to ensure that the desired results are achieved and that the business is set up for growth.