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Start Your Own Business: Solatube Efficient High Yielding Business

May 10, 2021

If you’re looking to start your own business and be your own boss, but you don’t know where to begin, consider becoming a Solatube Premier Dealer efficient high yielding business. The model is already developed for you, and you can be up and running, and turning a profit, in no time at all.

Start Your Own Business:

Solatube Premier Dealership Efficient High Yielding Business Model

Benefits of Owning a Solatube Premier Dealership

Starting an independent business from the ground up is incredibly difficult, as you have to take care of all aspects of that company yourself, from finding a location to purchasing supplies and inventory, to marketing and advertising. Even then, you’re probably not going to see a profit for years as you build your customer base from scratch. Starting your own independent business is noble, and can be exciting and fun, but it’s definitely not easy, especially with no experience.

Conversely, if you become the owner of a stable, popular business, you’ll receive everything you need to open your business and begin operating within weeks. Essentially, you’re handed a proven business model, all the necessary supplies and inventory, training and support, access to financing, and prepared marketing materials to give you the best opportunity possible to own and operate your own successful business. Of course, there will still be difficulties that arise, but you’ll have team of help dealing with them.

The Solatube Premier Dealership Difference

Solatube invented and has been manufacturing tubular skylights for three decades, and over the years, has developed and refined the process of ordering, scheduling, and installing an industry-leading product that transforms homes. You can cash in on this ready-made business by becoming a dealership owner and helping bring fresh air and natural light into homes across the country. While you’re building your business, you’ll have all the support you need to turn your venture into a thriving operation.

How Solatube Can Help You Achieve Your Dreams


Unlike many franchises, Solatube products are large-ticket items, which can get you on the path to becoming profitable more quickly. Most installations of our industry-leading skylight tubes, traditional skylights, and ventilation products are priced competitively, meaning you’ll recover your initial investment on an accelerated timeline when compared to other popular franchises/businesses, especially those with higher startup investment costs. The time commitment for installation is less as well, meaning you earn more per hour, too.

Tubular Skylights

This invention belongs solely to Solatube, which means you have very little competition from other companies. Customers want the original product, which they can only get from you. Our tubular skylights offer an innovative way to allow natural light to penetrate areas of homes that would normally not receive much light at all. The system uses roof-mounted domes that are designed to catch the sunlight and reflective material to draw in sunlight through the attic to previously unlit spaces.

Traditional Skylights

For homes that are already equipped with traditional skylights, we offer new technologies for skylight replacement. The company’s HSE performance series includes features like double-layered glass to increase energy efficiency and reduce the effects of harmful UV rays to make homeowners safer in their own house. These skylight replacements are Energy Star rated and look fantastic on the roof of any house. They are also resistant to cracking, regulate the temperature inside the home, and maximize natural sunlight.


Natural sunlight is great, but so is fresh air, which is why we also offer a line of ventilation products that help draw in and circulate fresh air throughout homes. We offer whole-house fans that can lower the temperature in the house within just a few minutes, and solar-powered fans that pull out the heat from attics and garages. These solutions are less expensive and often more effective than central air conditioning, or they can work to make A/C more efficient.


While your customers will be delighted with the products you sell as a Solatube Premier Dealership owner, they’ll be happily overwhelmed by the level of service you provide as well. That’s because we’ve worked to perfect the installation process to be completed in just two hours. There’s no messy construction site or long commitment that the customers have to deal with. In most cases, they can begin to enjoy their new products within hours of your arrival.

Our franchisees deliver exceptional five-star service built on the following principles.

  • Respect the customer’s home like your own
  • Listen carefully and understand the customer’s lighting and ventilation needs
  • Provide superb, guaranteed work in an efficient manner
  • Install innovative, American-made products
  • Drastically improve the value, curb appeal, and comfort of homes in just hours

As long as you can commit to this level of service, you’re going to love owning a Solatube Franchise because your customers will become your best and most effective marketing tools as they spread the word about your company to their neighbors and friends.

Business Management System

Along with the products and support you’ll receive from Solatube as you start your business, you’ll also have available a state-of-the-art business management system that will allow you to schedule, dispatch, and collect payments from your customers through a simple-to-learn process. You can manage your business from anywhere that has internet access, and you’ll also be able to handle customer service, sales, marketing, payroll, and reviews from this system, making it technology that will transform your business.


The global skylight market is a multi-million dollar industry that is only expected to increase over the next 10 years as homeowners actively seek to improve the amount of natural light they receive while indoors. Moreover, our natural lighting and ventilation products align nicely with the growing trend toward energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. As a new generation of homeowners begins to make home improvements, lighting and ventilation will continue to be at the top of their list.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to owning a business / franchise, but very few will provide you with the products, services, and support you need to ensure your success.