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Open Your Own Business With Solatube Home’s Efficient Business Model

May 6, 2021

If you’ve ever wanted to work for yourself, opening a franchise store is an excellent opportunity for you to work at your own pace, make your own hours, and do a great service for the community.

At Solatube Home, we understand the importance and excitement of owning and operating your own store because we’ve done it ourselves. With 30 years of experience in the business and a great line of products, we’re ready to offer you the opportunity to get involved in the highly marketable field of lighting and ventilation.

Open a Franchise in a Booming Industry

One of the best reasons to get on board with us is that you will be able to work in a booming industry. The home improvement market is off the charts currently and only forecasted to get even bigger. We anticipate astronomical growth, with many estimates putting the industry at $680 billion by 2025.

In just four short years, you could absolutely have a business that you can be proud of and start making some major money. The opportunity is simply too good to pass by, which is why so many people are now opening their own successful franchises all over the country.

Tried and True System

Our system is tried and true. After 30 years of perfecting our model here at Solatube, we are now ready to pass on all of that knowledge to you. Every one of our franchises benefits from an efficient model that allows them to install our amazing products in two hours or less.

This opens up your day for multiple installations and lets you develop a huge customer base very quickly. Since we also have plenty of credibility behind our brand, you will benefit from our existing stellar reputation.

Plenty of Opportunities to Make Revenue

One of the best things about being your own boss is the ability to control your revenue streams, and our company gives you plenty of chances and opportunities to diversify as much as you want to.

You can specialize in a particular product, learn about replacing older systems, and cross-sell any of our products to make even more money. Once you establish rapport with your customers, the sky is really the limit.

Full-On Training

We offer all of our new franchise owners full-on training so that you can hit the ground running. Our initial training and educational programs are fully comprehensive. We are also on-hand to answer any and all questions that you may have about any of our product offerings.

We make sure that you are fully aware of any marketing campaigns and up to date on all of the software that we use. This is one of the key perks of working with our team; you don’t have to struggle through any big learning curve on your own. We do it all for you!

Work for Yourself

Of course, one of the biggest perks of opening up a franchise is being able to work for yourself. No longer will you need to answer to a boss or get approval for vacation time or any other things that you might need to take care of.

You can totally control both your revenue streams and your hours and spend quality time with your family when you need to. The benefits of working for yourself simply can’t be overstated. Once you do it, you’ll never want to go back to working in an office again.

Help Your Community

We give you the unique opportunity to help your community by becoming a trusted source of home repair installations. Instead of having to reach out to big-box stores and spend tons of money, people can just go straight to you instead!

It’s a good feeling to know that you are really doing something good for the people around you, and you’ll really feel like you’re making a difference in the place that you call home.

Protect the Planet

All of our products are designed to help protect the planet by utilizing natural night and ventilation. If being a good steward of the earth is important to you, this is an opportunity that you really should not pass up at all.

You can also use the environmental angle when you are pitching your products and soliciting new customers. These days, people are far more likely to want to invest with companies that know the power and importance of always going green.

Innovative Products

Our innovative products set us ahead of the curve when it comes to environmentalism and efficiency. They truly do speak for themselves. Once you start working with them, you will appreciate the power of our products as well.

Tubular Skylights

Sometimes, you can’t install a traditional skylight, which is where our tubular skylights come in.. We install domes on roofs designed to reflect light right back into the home. This gives even the darkest spaces in your home a beautiful, airy feeling.


From solar-powered fans to innovative ventilation systems, our team is ready to cool down your house with as little environmental impact as humanly possible. Another selling point is that this can also cut back on your energy costs in significant ways!

Skylight Replacement

We are exceptionally proud of our cutting-edge approach to getting the most daylight into homes as possible, making our products far preferable to traditional skylights.

We aim to be as energy-efficient and safe with our skylights, using double-layered glass to cut back on UV and infrared light. They even work during the colder months, keeping the chill at bay and your house toasty warm. Our skylights are also Energy Star rated.

If you’ve always wanted to open up a franchise store, but we’re sure of where to start, we can help. Get on board with a team that has 30 years of experience in lighting and ventilation and has worked on homes all over the world. Get started today! Contact Solatube Home to learn more about how to open your franchise.