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COVID Creates Demand for Healthy Home Products

May 29, 2020

Vista, Calif.: Home comfort and safety are the top priorities for homeowners. As people spend more time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the desire to achieve a healthy, clean and comfortable home environment rapidly increases — creating a business boom for a company based out of San Diego called Solatube Home.

Robert E. Westfall Jr., president of Solatube International said, “We are seeing a surge in demand for our natural lighting and fresh air products. As people become more aware through studies and articles, they realize how important it is to have an abundance of natural light and clean, fresh air in their home.”

“Our unique business and products have always been popular with homeowners, in fact over the last five years, we have seen incredible growth. But when the pandemic hit, we were worried about our employees and the future,” said Sasha Lamprecht, manager at Solatube Home. “But after the phones kept ringing, and ringing. We are now seeing how our products and services align perfectly with the healthy environment homeowners are trying to create for themselves, leading us to launch our first-ever franchise opportunity in Phoenix.

Some of the strengths and benefits of this opportunity include Solatube’s energy-efficient home improvement products, geared toward improving happiness, removing toxins and adding a touch of nature for a healthier home environment.

Tubular Skylights – Natural light is an important improvement that not only affects the livability of the home, but also physical and mental wellbeing, too. Additionally, experiments conducted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security show viruses can quickly be destroyed by sunlight. According to research, published in the journal Microbiome, “Rooms exposed to daylight have fewer germs and about half the viable bacteria compared to dark rooms.” Tubular skylights harvest daylight at the rooftop, transfer it down a highly reflective tube, filling any space with beautiful natural light.

 Whole-House Fan – Healthy air quality is another great way to promote better health inside the home. Whole house fans don’t just recirculate air in the home like air conditioning; they work by continuously replacing dirty air in living spaces with fresh air; removing pollutants, pathogens and stale indoor air to improve air purity.

Solar-Powered Attic Fan – Heat and moisture are the home’s enemies because mold loves to grow in warm, moist conditions. To create a healthy home environment, hot air needs to be vented from the attic to keep air conditioning units from overworking and roof structures from deteriorating. With solar-powered attic fans, moisture can be neutralized and drive out heat, while increasing comfort in the home, lowering utility bills and prolonging roof life.

Fresh Breeze Solar Powered Skylight – Without proper air ventilation, the home can become a box of hot, steamy germs. A solar-powered skylight brings in fresh air – in addition to natural light – to create a healthier environment. The Fresh Breeze Skylight simply captures the sunlight and uses it to recharge a fully concealed battery and control. Built-in rain sensors shut the skylight automatically in the event that inclement weather begins.

Solatube products are remarkable. Customers love the natural light and fresh air in their homes.  Once they install one of our products and learn about Solatube Home, they most often install multiple products and tell their family and friends about us.