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Celebrating Veterans Day with a Bright Opportunity

Nov 5, 2020

Exclusive Opportunity for You

A bright future ahead as a new chapter begins. Here at Solatube Home we want to support our military personnel – active duty, reserve, retired, or honorably discharged veterans – by providing an exclusive opportunity to open a Solatube Home business, with 20% off the initial franchise fee. We are looking for strong leaders who are ready to take on a breakthrough business of their own.

30 Years’ Experience

Solatube has nearly 30 years’ experience as industry leaders with our niche product line and notable customer service. We like to think that we make a positive impact on each and every customer by delivering natural lighting and fresh air into their homes. We create a beautiful, comfortable, and healthy environment for people to enjoy every day. Our impact goes beyond homes by providing a green approach through eco-friendly technology. We believe that military personnel work to make a better environment for everyone, and we are offering the opportunity to be part of a company that does the same.

We Support You

Transitioning back into civilian life can be difficult, but we’re here to provide support and opportunity. Franchising is an ideal way to own a business without requiring prior experience. Our team is here to help you confidently own your own business while meeting every attainable goal you set for yourself. With our extensive product line and same-day sales you’ll start seeing cash flow fast. Simply bring your zealous attitude and unique skillset, we’ll take care of the rest.

What do we provide for you?

  • Extensive unique products and business model training
  • Computer software system that will run your entire business
  • Onsite training from our success managers
  • A developed, robust marketing plan
  • Lead generation system
  • Continuous guidance and support from our expert team

We Value You

We believe that our military personnel are some of the most qualified, motivated and successful people to be part of our franchise. We listen to you, and work to build a strong relationship with our franchisees. The foundation in which we build and maintain our relationships are based upon mutual respect, communication, growth, and transparency. We want you to succeed in loving what you do, and Solatube wants to give you that opportunity.

Now It’s Your Turn

For more information on the Solatube Home Veteran’s Franchise opportunity, visit www.solatubepremierdealership.com or contact Jeremy a former Army Ranger [email protected] or call his cell phone at 614-800-0793.