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Buying a Franchise: Why Solatube Home’s Low Competition and High-Revenue Combo Is So Important

Feb 9, 2021

Running your own franchise can be extremely competitive. Even if you run a branch of a highly successful outlet, you will still need to make a certain amount of revenue to keep your business in profit. You may even find yourself competing with other branches of the same franchise in your area. However, buying a franchise with Solatube Home can eliminate many of these worries.

Solatube Home’s unique limited to no-competition, high revenue business model means that you have the potential to build an unlimited and mobile customer base. What’s more, Solatube Home’s renovation products can be rapidly installed, meaning you can carry out several jobs in a single day. This means that you can work at a high turnover rate and generate significant potential profit as a Solatube Home franchisee. Here’s why purchasing a franchise with Solatube Home is a great investment in your future.

Buying a Franchise

If you’re passionate about home renovation or you’ve always dreamed of running your own business, a franchise opportunity with Solatube Home could be the perfect profession for you. Solatube’s premium home improvement products include tubular skylights and ventilation systems which are quick and unintrusive to install, along with other home-based products. Solatube also runs an unbeatable franchise program that includes installation training, marketing training, and the opportunity for individual business growth.

So, what makes Solatube Home’s franchising opportunities so attractive, and why should you consider us when deciding to buy a franchise? Well, for one, Solatube has been operating as a successful company for 30 years and has built a team of experts in the home renovation industry. Beyond this, there are several key aspects of Solatube Home’s innovative business model that make starting your own franchise a highly desirable prospect.


Specialized and Unique Services

Solatube Home offers highly specialized services, so our industry involves limited to no competition. Solatube Home installs tubular skylights that bypass major structural changes to the walls or ceilings of our customer’s homes. These skylights produce a beautiful and unique lighting effect and can be installed rapidly. We also specialize in easy-to-fit ventilation systems and skylight replacement.

Very few companies offer similar services at the same rate and the same installation speed. This means that our services are niche and highly desirable. This allows franchisees to operate with limited to no competition in their area. When you run a Solatube Home franchise, you can offer your clients a truly one-of-a-kind home improvement service that is unlike other products on the market.

Rapid Installation Times

One of our specialties at Solatube is our 2-hour home transformation deal. This means we can complete a tubular skylight installation or ventilation configuration in 2 hours with very little inconvenience to the client. With our unique and functional home lighting products, Solatube Home is able to get out of customer’s homes in unbeatable time, without compromising the quality of our service.

The tubular nature of our skylights means that no major structural work is required to fit them as our lighting shafts run straight down walls. This allows natural daylight to flow into your home without taking up large amounts of wall space. Tubular skylights can also be fitted on ceilings and to light small spaces, such as above your shower or stairwell.

The rapid nature of installation means that, as a Solatube Home franchisee, you can completely transform your client’s living space in just 2 hours. This also means that you can take on as many clients as you want and perform multiple installations in one day rather than taking on lengthy construction projects. This allows you to maximize productivity and generate a high volume of revenue for your services.

Unlimited Market Potential

Solatube Home’s easy installation process means that you can branch out with your skills and offer multiple services to a wide customer base. As the installations do not require large-scale home construction, you are free to work in several different areas and seek out customers across a larger geographical area. This removes geographical limitations on the distribution of your business.

Solatube Home is a wonderful franchise opportunity in this sense as franchisees can operate a highly mobile service. The rapid installation time also allows you to be flexible with customer’s time and develop a scheduling system that works for you and your clients.

Expert Training Available

Solatube Home doesn’t just specialize in supplying home improvement and lighting products. Solatube Home also specializes in co-ordinating franchising opportunities. Their franchising program offers expert training and guidance in all aspects of running a skylight installation service.

Those interested in taking on a franchise with Solatube Home will be fully trained on how to install Solatube products and can benefit from training programs on topics such as marketing and sales skills. They can also offer support on business co-ordination, how to staff your franchise and the best staff training practices, as well as a host of other related topics. Running a franchise with Solatube Home ensures that you always have a supportive and knowledgeable team behind you.

Financing Opportunities

Buying a franchise will require a degree of start-up capital. Although Solatube Home franchisees are expected to pay an industry-standard franchise fee, there are opportunities to apply for funding throughout all levels of the process. Each and every funding case is evaluated on an individual basis and with the best interests of the business and our franchisees in mind.

Solatube Home also dedicates a portion of its income to increasing brand visibility and to marketing Solatube Home, with the aim to increase revenue for all our individual franchisees. When you team up with Solatube Home you are working as part of a network of individuals who are dedicated to providing premium home services and to supporting and facilitating individual drive and enterprise.

Running a franchise can be an amazing opportunity and can help you develop a whole new skillset. Working with Solatube Home you’ll gain experience running your own business, managing staff, and engaging with customers. For more information visit Solatube Homes Franchising now!