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Booming Franchise Opportunity Driven By Pandemic

Oct 2, 2020

When the virus began spreading earlier this year, it forced everyone to make adjustments. “As a business we have always evolved, this is part of our culture.  When the pandemic hit, it really showed us how prepared we were for change. Thanks to our incredible staff, we were able to adapt quickly, especially in the way we interacted with our customers”, said Tim Deming Director at Solatube Home.

Once the virus hit, home comfort and safety were the top priorities for homeowners. As people spend more time at home due to the COVID-19, the desire to achieve a healthy, clean and comfortable home environment rapidly increased. This created a business boom for our company.  “Our unique business and products have always been popular with homeowners, in fact over the last five years, Solatube Home’s company owned stores have seen incredible growth. But when the pandemic hit, the phones kept ringing and ringing.  We were worried about servicing our customers because we did not have enough installers to meet the demand,” said Sasha Lamprecht, manager at Solatube Home.  Additionally, Sasha went on to say, “we are now seeing how our products and services align perfectly with the healthy environment homeowners are trying to create for themselves and their family.”

For the last three decades, the founders and team behind Solatube Home have been perfecting the efficiency and productivity of their business model, built around their proprietary, world-renowned products and services. Since the very first prototype of their tubular daylighting device (TDD) was installed in 1987, they knew they were on to something revolutionary. As the inventor, innovator and market leader of TDDs, Solatube Home has created a niche within the natural lighting and fresh air industry and is now seeking qualified candidates in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah to help expand the brand through its home improvement franchise model.

Solatube Home, the franchise arm of tubular skylight market leader Solatube International, is now offering this opportunity to business people who are smart, result-oriented, and highly motivated to own their own business.  We own a one-of-a-kind niche business in California. Now we’re looking for those special individuals who want to build a business for them selves by following our business model.

Josh Rillie, Director of Solatube Home says, “Over the last three decades we created a business with products and services that are so innovative that our customers RAVE about us. Our breakthrough business model transforms homes with natural light and fresh air in about 2 hours.  Once installed you get paid immediately.  We are excited and looking forward to the expansion across the country.  The special individuals who we choose for the franchise expansion will not only have a business model that has a 25 year track record, but they will also be making home owners extremely happy by transforming their homes.”

One of the greatest strengths and benefits of Solatube Home franchise opportunity are our energy-efficient home improvement products, geared toward improving happiness, removing toxins and adding a touch of nature for a healthier home environment.  Solatube products are remarkable. Customers love the natural light and fresh air in their homes.  Once home owners install one of our products, often they install multiple products and tell their family and friends about us.

For more information on the Solatube Home franchise opportunity, visit www.solatubepremierdealership.com or contact [email protected] or 866.476.7206.